by Jacob Nico

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A couple of weird things I've made in the last month or two. Two Chords is, as you may have guessed, just two chords played, although through ten different delay pedals with loads of different settings (times, feedbacks, saturation, glitch, pitch shifting, LFOs), which meant that it got completely transformed from just a really dull piano thing into this massive, bizarre ambientish thing. It wasn't the intention but I guess it's sort of generative music (which is weird cos I was reading an essay about that whilst the audio was exporting from Ableton), that manages to go through loads of different movements, from weird manic percussion stuff (which is probably just my laptop not being good enough to process the delays properly), to car noises, ambient passages, synth runs and so on. I originally did it with the chords being 40 bars apart, but thought it would be better longer, so I exported it again 80 bars apart, and for reasons I don't understand it just sounded completely different. I recommend listening to them both as one long thing, it's probably more interesting that way, but I've included both parts separately so you can listen however you prefer.

The second thing is an 8 minute mumble over some synths I made in the middle of the night when I was sad and possibly drunk (honestly can't remember haha), I think it came out remarkably well considering, and is sort of weirdly cathartic, even though I don't know what I'm singing in it. Well, mumbling is probably a better way of describing it as I didn't want anyone to hear, and I still don't have a pop filter so the quality is shite, so sorry about that. Maybe I'll go back over it in the future and fix it. Probably won't tbh. I briefly thought about making a whole album in the same style (with better quality vocals), but that would be far too bleak both to listen to and to make, even by my standards, so fuck that. I hope you find it as weirdly comforting as I do though. Really what I've learned from all this is that pop filters are massively underrated.

Looking forward to mad summer jamz and seeing you all, aiming to do as much as possible so expect this page to get full of far too much pretty quickly. CDrs of new things may appear at gigs soon, on the cheap but I quite like the idea of having physical copies of stuff to make myself feel more important. Cheers guys!


released April 3, 2016



all rights reserved


Jacob Nico Aarhus, Denmark

Imagine being happy in 2017, honestly.

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